General Repairs

General home repair can consist of upgrading kitchen cabinets, remodeling bathrooms, adding or removing rooms, redoing flooring surfaces, changing aged windows and doors and replacing the roof. Your renovations depend on your tastes, necessities, and budget.


According to the EPA, leaky pipes and fixtures can waste more than 10,000 gallons of water every year.

HandymanMasterCo handymen have the skills and experience to repair or replace troublesome pipes, toilets and fixtures—before they wreak havoc on your water bill. HandymanMasterCo is the solution that you can trust.


Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time. HandymanMastersCo fixes failing deck boards and railings and damaged patio bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, as well as any other structural issues affecting the use, safety or looks of your patio or deck.


HandymanMastersCo professionals are experienced at building custom cabinets and mantels for any room, to the dimensions and in the style that you need. If you need more storage space, talk to us about installing a custom set of attractive cabinets built especially for your home.


Need a new floor or to repair or replace boards damaged by pets, water, furniture moving or other? When it comes to wood, laminate, tile, vinyle, and linolium floor installation and repairs, you can depend on us. 

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Your exterior home’s paint takes a beating from the harsh elements and weather every day, allowing dirt and grime to accumulate and causing damage to paint. This is why it is recommended to pressure wash your exterior every year to keep your home looking fresh and clean. Pressure washing is also a must-do before completing exterior work such as painting and stucco.

Did you know you can pressure wash more than just your home’s exterior?
Pressure washing works great on: Fencing, Garage Doors, Outdoor Grills, Driveways and Walkways, Patios and Decks, Outdoor Furniture, Swimming Pools, Decorative Signs and Statues and more.

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Simple improvements can help keep you in your home.

Installing grab bars or railing in high-risk areas like bathrooms and bedrooms gives anyone with mobility issues additional support and prevents slip and fall injuries.

Adding ramps to a home’s entry and exits aren’t just for wheelchair access. They can also prevent trips and spills.

Touchless faucets on kitchen and bathroom sinks are great for people with arthritis or grip issues. You can also replace twist faucet handles with levers.

Anti-slip bathroom flooring is a great investment – or simply add an anti-slip coating to your tile floors.

Replacing round doorknobs with lever-style handles helps people with arthritis or grip issues easily open doors. Likewise, swapping out round kitchen cabinet door knobs with bar – or lever-style handles makes accessing kitchen items a little easier.

What can we do to make staying in your home easier and safer?

Owning or managing a business can be challenging and demanding. Most business owners or managers don’t have time to keep up with office repairs and maintenance. You need to focus on what you do best: managing your business.

Our handyman services are available to help with office repairs, regular maintenance, and even to assemble or repair office furniture.

Why waste valuable time and money trying to make frustrating repairs? Hire HandymanMastersCo to get the job done for you. Focus on your work, your clients, your team, and leave the real dirty work to us.

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